Making New Friends

Last week, we had school at Rico's Cafe in Zona Dorado (The Golden Zone), here in Mazatlan. 

The local kids here didn't have school on Monday and Tuesday because of Carnival, so Tuesday while we were having school, these sweet kids came in and tried to sell us bracelets. We told them "no gracias" (no thanks), but they seemed really interested in what we were doing. I asked where their parents were and they said they were on the beach selling, so I invited them to sit down and join us.

From left to right, Jocelin, Judith and Luis. I think Judith was 8 or 9 and the other two were 11 years old. The perfect age for me to practice my Spanish with! lol

They stayed for Math, Reading, and were obviously the perfect addition to our Spanish lesson for the day. After we finished school, we ordered a huge plate of French Toast and we all ate together. 

When it was time to go, they asked us if we could be friends, and Luis drew us this nice picture.
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Update on our Adventure!

Well, it's hard to believe we are already half way through with this 6 month adventure in Mazatlan. It's been amazing to see God's hand in so many areas of our lives here. It really is exactly what our family needed.

Let's take a look at our original goals and see how we are doing:

#1- eliminating sugar from our diet. FAIL! I say as I sit in a coffee shop sipping a delicious white caramel mocha. I knew the sugar thing was going to be a huge bust as soon as Christmas Posada parties started happening and there were pinatas everywhere we went! In addition, our lovely Spanish neighbor who has kind of adopted us, loves to give the kids candy and treats, or take us to the bakery right when the pastries are warm out of the oven... and well, it just seems rude not to accept.

So, my compromise has been to stick firmly with goal #2, eating mainly fresh, unprocessed foods. We still to try to buy as much as possible from the local fruit stand and meat shops close to our house, and I …

Telling it like it is...

Of course I hoped I wouldn't need to go to the doctor here, but life happens and last month our 2 year old came down with what I thought was "hand, foot and mouth disease", as we so lengthily call it in the United States. Normally I would not take my kids to the doctor for this - they have had it before and the doctors in the United States have only ever prescribed over the counter pain relief to ease the discomfort until it can go away on it's own.

(Plus I had brought all my essential oils in hopes of treating things as naturally as possible while we are here.)

However, my super sweet and helpful neighbor who has lived here in Mazatlan her whole life and has two little girls of her own, insisted that I take him and even found an English speaking pediatrician for us AND drove me there (she has truly been a Godsend to us!).

Also, it only cost 200 pesos, which is the equivalent to about $10 USD so I figured what the heck? It would be a good learning experience and an o…

The Art of Cooking Rosca de Reyes - Another fun cooking class at Kahlo's Kitchen!

A couple of weeks ago, the girls and I were able to attend another fun cooking class at Kahlo's Kitchen. This time, we learned how to make Rosca de Reyes, a traditional pastry here in Mexico eaten to celebrate Epiphany. Again, I'm getting my information from Wikipedia because sadly I lost the printout that was handed out that described the tradition in more detail.   .

Once again, Sofia did an excellent job of explaining to the class in English what we would be doing, as well as the traditions behind the "king's pastry". 

Grandma Teri explaining what we will be making

The girls got to come up and help stir the pastry dough. They also got to sample the frosting later.