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21 Weeks

My pregnancy week by week book says that little BB is the size of a large banana by now and weighs almost 10 1/2 ounces. We're anticipating her arrival more and more these days as we prepare to move into our new house. I, of course, am excited about decorating her new room and starting to shop for baby furniture. We got our first baby gift in the mail the other day (thanks Ann!). It's an ERGO baby carrier and looks like it will be very handy, especially for hikes and such. It was cute to come home last night and find Rob watching the instructional DVD on how to use it. I have a doctors appointment later this afternoon so I better get some work done while I can. Love, Shay

"Baby Moon"

Well, we just got back from our Las Vegas vacation...probably the last time we'll fly anywhere on vacation before we become parents, although we do have another short trip or two planned for this summer. It was great to get away for a long weekend and see some fun sights. Joi and her sister took us to the Hoover Dam on Sunday and then that evening we were able to see "O" by Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio. We got lots of exercise walking up and down the strip and were able to spend some quality time by the pool as well. We didn't "win big" but we had a great time! Here some pictures for you to enjoy :)

Half way there!

Well, we've officially reached the half way point! 20 weeks down, 20 to go... Baby and I are officially done with tax season. We are both quite excited about that because that means mom can now get more rest and exercise - two things that are supposed to be extra good for developing babies and have most definitely lacked over the last few months. You would think baby might like the extra sleep but the last two mornings that I could have slept in, she woke me up with her little taps and kicks at the same usual time that she's use to me getting up. Hmmm, is she really on a schedule already or is it just coincidence? Baby gets her first trip on an airplane tomorrow. (Hopefully I won't have to pee too much 'cuz I hate using airplane bathrooms). We're going to Las Vegas to visit "Auntie Joi" (my best friend) and enjoy some warm sunny weather for a change. Rob and I are both looking forward to a vacation and enjoying some much needed R & R. We'll be sur…

19 Weeks

Our little BB weighs more than half a pound now! She is probably around 6 inches long and I'm starting to feel her move around more and more. Many of her systems are already fully developed. Her kidneys are functioning, her heart is busy pumping blood, and she may even be starting to sprout a little hair on her head. This week, her brain is beginning to designate specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch. She can most likely hear by now and may be beginning to distinguish mom and dad's voice from others. In fact, the other night Rob was reading our nightly bible story and I could barely concentrate because she was wiggling around so much. Just her way of telling us how much she already loves her daddy - especially when he's teaching us about Jesus. I feel, and look, more pregnant everyday - which is exciting, but also a little scary. After all, someday our little sugar plum will have to come out into the world and I hear the transition can be pretty pai…

Ultrasound Pictures

I remember when I use to look at ultrasound pictures before I was pregnant and wonder how anyone could see anything recognizable in those blurry black and white print outs they give you. Of course, it does help being in the room with the ultrasound tech, having her explain everything to you in real time - but I still look at the pictures sometimes and go..."what was that again". So, for those of you less versed in viewing these type of images, let me narrate. The first one (Our Baby Girl) is a profile shot of her face, taken from the side. You can mainly just see her head, although to the left a small bit of her upper chest is visible. You can also see her ear, which is now almost fully formed and can most likely even hear some of what's going on around her by now. The next one (The Cutest Feet) is her left foot pushing on the wall of the uterus. She kept moving her feet a lot during the ultrasound so we didn't really get one with both feet at once. Those movements d…

It's a GIRL!

We found out today that we're having a girl! How exciting. She's gonna be super cute, I just know it! Check out how cute her little fingers and toes already are. It's so nice to have some images to go with the little pokes and prodes I've been feeling lately. She's an active little munchkin', that's for sure.


In less than 48 hours we get a sneak peak at our little baby Bachelder (or BB for short as my best friend Joi has so fondly nick-named him or her.) I can hardly contain my excitement. I so hope we will be able to find out what we're having. I can honestly say that I don't care whether it's a boy or a girl....I JUST WANT TO KNOW! My husband, of course is hoping for a boy - but already says he has a "feeling" it's a girl. So things could go either way, but no matter what, I know we will both be super excited and blessed by whatever the Lord has given us. So stay tuned folks.......more details will be coming soon (that is, if baby co-operates and isn't too "modest").