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4 Month Comparison

Here are all three of my babies at 4 months old:

(Just for you Cara Grandle, since you are such a faithful blog reader of mine :)

16 Weeks of Awesome!

This handsome fella brightens our lives every day! He has been the best baby we could have ever asked or prayed for. His easy going personality and love of sleep has made our transition to a family of 5 so smooth. He currently sleeps about 11 hours a night, and naps about 4 times a day. Even though I feel like I'm constantly waking him up to go somewhere during the day, he is still happy and content pretty much all the time (unless he's hungry - but I can't blame him. This chunky monkey loves to eat!) Oh, he's also decided he doesn't like wet diapers - but other than that, he's just a chill little man. The girls love their baby brother, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. Just taking a little time today to thank the Lord for little girls and little boys. #blessed