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21 Weeks


20 Weeks

Well,  no fun collage this week but I did want to write a little post since we are at the half way point! This pregnancy has been so different from my last, partly because of timing I think, and partly because I have made an effort this time not to gain as much weight as I did last time. With Jenica, I think I gained a total of 50+ pounds and I really didn't want that to happen again this time around since it is so much work taking it all back off afterwords. Of course tax season is usually the worst time for weight gain for me since I can't make it to the gym as often and I don't eat the healthiest things - and that is still ahead of me in this pregnancy, but so far I've gained less than 10lbs and as you can see from pictures, last time was MUCH more! (You can see comparison pictures at the very bottom of the blog.) This little baby girl has also been much more active in my tummy than Jenica was and I wonder if that is related to the amount of activity I've been g…

19 Weeks