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Time to get the Christmas Tree!

You had to know this was going to happen, right?

If so saw this post from last March on the Be Photography blog, you might have had an inkling.

That's my little man. 22 months old already... my how the time flies! He is a chatter box and although I can't understand most of his babble, the last week or so he's said all kinds of new words! "Go", "Thank you", and "Pease" are some of my favorites. 
He's strong willed and I can tell that these toddler years are going to be challenging, but a hug and a kiss from him in the midst of the messes and tantrums makes it all worth while. 
Love him to the moon and back! #kentonrobert

Wiggling Our Ears

Tenley has so many cute sayings and expressions! I really need to start documenting them better! This is one of my favorites! It probably started over a year ago and is just so cute I haven't made an effort to correct her.

To most of you, these are Q-tips.

They have many uses. One of the most common is for cleaning our ears. But for Tenley, she's never called it that. She asks if she can wiggle her ears.

So this adorable little almost 4 year old still asks after every shower if we can "wiggle our ears", and I just smile and say yes, and enjoy these sweet little moments of childhood that seem to pass so fast!