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A much needed update

I finally got some updated pictures posted at the bottom of the blog in my little comparison section. Tenley looks less and less like her sister the older she gets although it's still obvious that they are both Bachelders! My mom says Tenley looks a lot like me as a baby and she is also following in my tradition of loosing her hair from the forehead back. It started out with a little bit of a receding hair line like her Daddy but now she is approaching full blown baldness in the front, hence the addition of cute headbands and flowers. I'm actually kind of excited about the headbands since Jenica had so much hair that they didn't really work for her. She needed pig tails at 3 months old I think!

We are getting ready to head to San Diego for a few days for my Grandma's memorial service and some fun visiting time with family. Jenica is excited to fly on an airplane again and we are hoping all goes well with our travels. You sure need a lot of stuff when traveling with tw…

1 Month Old

Wow! The first month of Tenley's life has flown by! We found out the day before she was born that the bank accepted the offer we made on a house back in January so the next 3 weeks were a whirlwind of securing financing, packing, moving and getting our old house ready to rent out. All that and taking care of a newborn. So now, between taking care of two kids and trying to get our new house unpacked and in order, I obviously haven't had much time for blogging, but I wanted to at least get an updated picture posted. Tenley is Ms. Serious most of the time, but just recently she's started showing us some smiles. Can't wait for more of those - they just melt this mamma's heart :)