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34 Weeks

Well, a big thank you to Joi for her middle name suggestions, and I did get a couple suggestions from relatives of mine (of course wanting me to use their first names as baby middle names). My aunt Ann was one of those relatives so that means that so far, Ann does have two votes. However, I was disappointed at the lack of responses here. Doesn't anyone else want to suggest their middle names, first names, or just names they like for little baby Bachelderette?

Middle Names

Okay folks, this is your chance to give us your input (if you want). We are still undecided on a middle name so if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them! I know this might be kind of hard since you don't have a first name for it to go with, but we would still like your ideas just the same. And if the name has a meaning behind it or a particular reason you choose it, let us know that has well.

Baby = 31 Weeks, Dad = 31 Years

We celebrated Rob's 31st birthday on San Juan Island this weekend with my sister and her family. It was great to get away and really fun to spend so much time with our 1 year old niece Kayla. I think it made us both that much more excited to have a daughter of our own. Other developments this week: We started our birth class through the hospital where we will be delivering and we started our preparation for parenting class that our church offers. We are so thankful to have so many resources to help prepare us for this new time in our lives.