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All moved in!

I know it's been a while now since I added new pictures. We've still been taking them, but we've been so busy moving that I haven't had a chance to get them onto the computer. As of yesterday, we have all of our belongings moved in - not necessarily unpacked, but the house is put together enough that we can eat, sleep and shower here comfortably. We had a doctors appointment on Friday and everything is still very "normal". They've started measuring my belly and her growth is right on track. She is probably at least a foot long by now and weighs in at over a pound. Her heart rate is around 130 and now when she moves and kicks I can sometimes see the movements from the outside. I will post my 24 and 25 week pictures today and will try to get back on track with posting every week or so. Love you all!

23 Weeks

Our little girl has reached the 1 pound mark! Other highlights of this week include her ability to respond to sounds such as mom and dad's voice, and loud unexpected noises might startle her. She's still busy flopping around in mommy's tummy - while there's still room. Soon it will get too crowded to do the twists and turns and somersaults that she's becoming accustomed to now. I'm still feeling great and have been spending my days getting my new home office ready (also to double as a guest room for all of you who will want to come visit and see this cute little bundle you've been reading so much about.) Love you all! Happy Spring!

22 Weeks

I see why they call the second trimester the "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy. I feel great. I'm not too big to do my regular activities, and nothing major really changes from week to week....which makes it hard to find stuff to right about in our little baby blog. For those of you who are interested, little BB is probably up to almost a pound now and is about the size of a spaghetti squash. Funny how each week they seem to equate the size of our child to some sort of fruit or vegetable. By now, tooth buds are forming under the gums - although hopefully they won't actually appear until 4 months or so after she's born. I did read, however, that one in 2000 infants are actually born with teeth. Ouch! I imagine that would make breast feeding a bit more uncomfortable. Hey, for those of you who didn't know - you can leave comments here on this site if you like. Let's me know that all this journaling is being read (and hopefully appreciated) by friends and famil…