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"Jenicisims" Age 4 1/2

A couple funny things that Jenica has said over the last couple days that I want to remember, and since I have failed miserably at the "baby book" concept, the internet is where they are being posted (Jenica, I apologize in advance for the embarrasment this may cause you in the future!)

Yesterday I had to ask her a couple of times to put her socks on so we could get ready to leave. The second time she looked at me and said, "Sorry Mom, I didn't hear you, your talking must have made my ears dumb!" I literally laughed out loud!

This morning her and Tenley were playing together in the other room and Jenica yells, "Mommy, Tenley is crapping me up!" She did quickly correct herself to "cracking me up" so that was good, but in the mean time, it still gave me a good chuckle under my breath!

That's all for now!