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The perfect job👌🏼

So back in May, I registered Kenton for pre-school at a 100% Spanish Immersion school in Milwaukie. I knew I wanted him to go to pre-school since he had already been attending school full-time while we were in Mexico, and I definitely wanted him to continue his Spanish. The only thing I didn’t know at the time was how I was going to pay for it. As any of you working parents know, child care is not cheap and add in the fact that it’s a language immersion school, I was looking at a price tag of $900-$1100 per month. Ouch! 💵 
It was a hard commitment to make, given I had no income at the time! But I knew God was going to provide. I didn’t know how exactly, and that was challenging for me, so the summer was definitly a test of my faith. 
I felt like I should be looking for a job, but I also didn’t want to begin the search too early and then get offered a position that I would have to start during the summer, before the kids went back to school. (I secretly wanted to have one last summer va…