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3rd haircut is in the books!

Time for haircut #3 for this cute little man! 6 Months old and he really should have had another cut months ago, but I was kind of dreading the amount of wiggles I was going to have to work around this time! I actually forgot to get an original before shot. This is after part 1 of the haircut, and a nap to cheer him up a bit (he hates the clipper part and screamed through the whole thing!), so the sides are trimmed but the top is still long. I guess that cosmetology license I got when I was 17 is finally going to pay off in free haircuts for my son! lol

He did a great job posing for this "during" shot for me - or maybe he was just looking at big sister who was doing her best to distract him so he would sit semi-still.

But it was totally worth it to get this adorable "after" picture of him! Jenica requested the faux hawk but I have to admit it looks pretty skinkin' cute on him!

On a side note, I love how putting photos in black and white eliminates the "bu…

Future Best Friends

In case you missed it on facebook....

This is the difference between a 6 month old, and a 6 day old. Meet Lincoln, future best friend and classmate of Kenton's:

His mom is just the best! She made a boy just so Kenton would have a buddy, since growing up with two older sisters can be rough!

And this picture of us was taken before either of us knew what we were having!

The only sad part of the whole deal is that they no longer live right around the corner from us. However, we are thrilled for them to have an amazing new house and HUGE backyard to call their own! A perfect place to raise 3 boys! We took this picture on Wednesday night in the corn field right next to their property and I am in love with how it turned out!

Happy 6 Months!

I can't believe my happy handsome little man is already 6 months old! He steals my heart more and more every day and I can't imagine our family without him! He continues to bless me with his charming personality and adorable smiles, and the only time he really gets upset is when he's hungry. Let me tell you... this boy can EAT! He started solids a few weeks ago and absolutely loves it. So far there hasn't really been anything he doesn't like, although peas are his favorite and he hasn't seemed as into the sweet stuff as I thought he would be. He started rolling over consistently about a month ago and loves to have tummy time, especially when big sisters are there to entertain him with toys. He also loves to bounce in his jumper and can entertain himself for quite some time. He's in the 95th percentile for length, which means he pretty much outgrew his carrier car seat already, which is fine with me because he's almost to heavy for me to carry when he…