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Clavadistas (Cliff Divers)

Meet Hector

This morning on my walk home around Cerro Del Vigía, I watched as he dove off the jagged cliffs two different times.
Take a look 👀 

I watched the first time as he literally ran down to his spot on the rocks and made the jump for a small group of onlooking tourists. Then after making his rounds collecting money, he quickly flagged down another van full of visitors and made another jump. 
I was curious what a “job” like this pays here in Mazatlán so I struck up a conversation with him. He said he usually makes about $20 US per jump and that he’s been jumping here in Mazatlan for 30 years. 
He told me that one time when 3 cruise ships were in town, he jumped 52 times in one day. He called himself a “professional diver” and “the best in Mazatlán.” When I asked him what makes him the best, he said “because I love it.” 
What would happen if we all found something that we loved, and just trusted that God would provide the rest?
Hector, I applaud you 👏🏼 for doing what you love. Thank …