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Surprise! What's your guess?

Less than two months now until we find out what baby #3 will be! What's your guess? Girl or Boy?

"Walk to 40 weeks" update

Well, I'm finally officially on maternity leave and can work on things like updating my personal blog, which I am obviously very behind on! This weekend will be time for our 32 week pictures already, but here are the last two we have done. At the end of the pregnancy we will post all of them together so you can see the progression. Overall, this pregnancy has been rough - but I think that's just God's way of confirming that this will be the last child we add to our family by "traditional" methods. We are getting excited to meet this growing little bundle and find out if the girls are getting a little brother or little sister! Stay tuned for the next post and your chance to make your guess as to what we're having!

Oregon Girls - Fall 2013

A little video of some fun we had in today's rain storm! Jenica asked to put the dress on before we went out to play! Next she wants to go to the beach and play in the sand in the dress! It's an old one with holes in it, so I told her she could do the kid version of the "trash the dress" photo sessions that are so popular with brides!

Oregon Girls - Fall 2013

A comparison...

Well, my blog is being annoying and not letting me post my normal comparison shots at the bottom, so here is Jenica and Tenley both at 28 months old.

Our "Walk to 40 Weeks"

Hmmm... can you guess what that means?

You guessed it! Baby #3 is in the proverbial "oven" - due to arrive in mid-February. The girls are excited to have a baby brother or sister and I am excited to say that this will be my last pregnancy! Don't get me wrong, I love babies, and I even love parts of being pregnant, but after going through the 1st tri-mester yuckies once again, I will be glad when my body is once again my own. Besides anticipating the arrival of a new little bundle, one of my favorite parts of being pregnant has been documenting the pregnancy in photos.

I have wanted to do the Walk to 40 Weeks idea ever since I saw it on (which has since become a private blog, but I wanted to give credit anyway), so when my friend Kelly asked if she could do maternity pictures for me this time, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only is she a great photographer who can work magic with photoshop, she also lives right around the corner from me, …

Happy Birthday Tenley!

I know parents say this all the time, but seriously - where did the time go? My baby is two already? It just doesn't seem possible. She is silly and fun and full of life and we can't imagine our lives with out her. She makes me laugh every day - from her "ta-da's" as she shows me the (empty) potty, to making up her own knock-knock jokes, she is a joy to parent.... Well most of the time.... Until she throws herself on the ground for no apparent reason, kicking and screaming in pure 2 year old fashion. Fortunately those moments pass quickly and she's back to her silly little self. She is also one of the cuddliest, snuggliest girls I know. Even as I type this, she has her blanky and has ingeniously pushed my kitchen step stool over to my chair so she can climb up and crawl into my lap to cuddle. Guess that's my cue that it's time to get back to my job of being Mommy to these two beautiful girls.

"Jenicisims" Age 4 1/2

A couple funny things that Jenica has said over the last couple days that I want to remember, and since I have failed miserably at the "baby book" concept, the internet is where they are being posted (Jenica, I apologize in advance for the embarrasment this may cause you in the future!)

Yesterday I had to ask her a couple of times to put her socks on so we could get ready to leave. The second time she looked at me and said, "Sorry Mom, I didn't hear you, your talking must have made my ears dumb!" I literally laughed out loud!

This morning her and Tenley were playing together in the other room and Jenica yells, "Mommy, Tenley is crapping me up!" She did quickly correct herself to "cracking me up" so that was good, but in the mean time, it still gave me a good chuckle under my breath!

That's all for now!

I love you!

Well, for me at least, I feel like baby books have become a thing of the past. I bought one for Jenica but never actually finished filling it out - and Tenley is almost 20 months old now and I have yet to even acquire one for her. But I have done a pretty good job of documenting momentous occasions here on the baby blog, so tonight definitely warranted a quick post. Tonight, my sweet little Tenley, who seemed to take forever to talk at all, has blossomed in her vocabulary during the last month, and tonight for the first time, she said "I love you" to me (in words spoken clearly enough for me to understand.) To add to the sweetest of the moment was big sister Jenica, who exclaimed, "She said I love you Mom! I taught her that!" Oh how I love these sweet little munchkins of mine!