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Grand Prize Winner!

I've got to brag on my little reader for a moment. 

She did the Wilsonville Library summer reading program and was self motivated and excited to read all summer long. Yesterday we got a call that her completed reading log was drawn as the Grand Prize Winner, so today we walked/biked over and picked up her prize, a 1 year membership to the Oregon Zoo. She may even make it in the newspaper! For now, she's up on theWilsonville Library facebook page and of course, she's featured here on her mommy's blog.

Congratulations Jenica! We are proud of what a great reader you're becoming!

First Day of School

The kids started school today at Boones Ferry Primary in Wilsonville. Tenley is in full day kindergarten and Jenica is in 3rd grade. They each have about 24 kids in their class and there are 4 classes of each grade! Quite a change from Country Christian! I brought them to school this morning and walked them to their classrooms and then they were all scheduled to take the school bus home. Kenton and I went out to meet the bus at the scheduled time after school. It was about 20 minutes late getting there, which I kind of figured since it was the first day of school. The bus stopped at our stop and Jenica got off, along with a few other kids who's parents were waiting, but still no Tenley. I started to panic. I asked Jenica if she had seen her on the bus and she said no. The bus driver started calling for her over the loud speaker. Still nothing. She asked me who her teacher was and of course I couldn't remember since it was her very first day! Shoot, more panic. Where is my litt…