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Bath Time

Jenica has almost outgrown her baby bathtub, so I thought I better get this video done and posted before it's completely outdated. She's come down with a bad cold the last couple of days so she could use your prayers. Thank you!

Proud Dad Post of the day

Hi all-

This is dad writing again. Jenica was being very impressive again this afternoon so I had to take a couple pictures to post. She was not only doing a great job of sitting up by herself in the middle of the living room, but she was doing it while playing with her laptop. Looks like she is going to be a great multi-tasker just like her mom.

Jenica's First Laptop

We thought it was time for Jenica to have a new toy, something a little more interactive since she's getting so much better with her coordination. This little baby laptop was just too cute to pass up, and now Mom, Dad and Jena can all sit on the couch and work together :)

Like Mother Like Daughter

I saw this hat at Buttons & Bows, a cute little children's resale shop here in Oregon City and just had to get it for Jenica. She doesn't keep in on for very long if it's on front ways, since she can see the bill and just wants to grab it and pull on it. But sideways seems to work out great, and she looks adorable in it! And since Mom likes to wear hats too, we had to get some pictures together.

Children are a gift from God!


The Bachelders

We went to visit the Bachelders after church last Sunday, and I noticed right away that my sister-in-law Amy and I had on the same color of course, photo op!
But I didn't notice until just now when I was looking through the photo's again that the entire Bachelder family was dressed in blue that day (apparently Jenica didn't get the memo).So my question is this: Did you guys plan to color coordinate for some reason or was it just pure coincidence? Either way, it makes for a wonderful family photo of all of you. I only wish you all would have been in focus...I'm still learning the tricks of the new camera so it doesn't always do exactly what I'm hoping.And one last cute picture of Jena looking adoringly at her Grandpa. Thanks for having us over guys and thanks for the wonderful birthday gift! See ya'll at Spring Break.

Have fun in Mexico Grammy. Love, Jenica


Jenica's New Do

I got half of the braids in last night before bed, so this is what she looked like when she got up this morning...
And the finished product...
Thanks for the cute idea Laura!

6 months old

I can hardly believe it's already been six months since the Lord blessed us with the birth of our beautiful daughter Jenica. She is growing so fast these days, learning new skills all the time, and continuing to bring joy and laughter to her dad and I every day. She is starting to be able to sit up on her own and can scoot backwards when she's laying down on her tummy. She had her 6 month check-up today at the doctor and continues to be very healthy. She is 15lbs 1oz and 26" long which puts her right in the 25 - 50% range for her age. Here are some pictures of our little beauty taken today with that wonderful new camera my hubby blessed me with...As usual, I value and appreciate your comments. They motivate me to keep up this online journal, despite the overwhelming popularity of facebook these days :)