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Countdown to Mexico...

So I realize I've been behind on newsy updates about what's been going on with us since we sold our home in Big Meadow last May and downsized to a 3 bedroom, 1200 square foot apartment in Wilsonville (where we thoroughly enjoyed summer but are now ready for our next adventure.)

Stick around. I'm sure I'll write about how it all started, but for now I'm here to give you our reasons for heading south for the winter. 
In true Late Night style, I present to you the "Top Ten Reasons the Bachelders are Heading to Mexico"
10. The weather is better there and we will get another six months of summer. 9. Rob will not have to commute back and forth to work, he has been approved to work remotely for 6 months. 8. Great cultural opportunity for the kids. 7. Perfect timing to introduce a second language. 6. Less expensive than staying here. Rent would have gone up had we signed a new lease here. Instead we are paying $800 for a furnished 3 bedroom house that is almost twice as…

Up Close with Tenley Bachelder

I found this video on Tenley's iPod today and it is just the cutest! I especially love the very end where her big sister yells her name and she immediately stops recording! Oh technology... there are some perks to having you around.