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Hi all-
This is Dad writing. Jenica has gotten to hang out with alot of generations of family lately. Tonight she went to Grandma Judy's house and spent some time with Great Aunt Susan and Great Great Aunt Clara (Grandma Judy's Sister and Aunt). Jenica was a a really good girl and had lots of fun playing with everybody.

Such a big girl!

Jenica is looking more and more grown up every day. She can sit up on her own in her boppy now so I caught some cute pictures of her today while she was hanging out.

Jenica's First Swim

Jenica meets GG

Dear Grandma,
I am so impressed at all you have learned about computers and email and although you will probably not happen upon this journal entry on your own, hopefully one of your lovely children will help you read it and show you these darling pictures I took of you meeting Jenica for the first time. We have had such a lovely vacation here in Southern California and just wanted to say thank-you so much, because with out you and your generosity we may not have been able to make the trip. You are Jenica's only great-grandparent that she will have the privilege of meeting and we are so thankful to be a part of your family. I wish Grandpa would have still been here to meet Jenica and Kayla but I'm sure he is smiling down on all of us from heaven. I know I speak for all of us when I say that we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with you Grandma and even though you like to talk about how old you are, we can tell that you are still young at heart. You look amazing for your age and …

Fun in the Sun!

A little glimpse into our fun adventures at the California Coast today, mostly of Kayla since Jenica was napping for the majority of the time. She did get up for a little while though and put her toes in the sand. The video is about 9 minutes long, so don't feel obligated to watch the whole thing...unless of course you are family and just can't resist your adorable grand-children. He he

Valentine's Day

Some lovely flowers from my sweatheart. Now we're off on vacation to Sunny (hopefully) San Diego. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Here's some more cute pictures of our beautiful Jenica. Rob got me a new camera for my birthday so I've been having lots of fun trying it out. So far, I absolutely LOVE it! We're also going to get a lens for it that should allow for even more creativity using natural light. I'm so glad I have such an amazing "subject" to practice on, and such an amazing husband for getting me such a wonderful gift!

My Beauty!

A few cute pic's for you faithful followers that won't be appearing on facebook. Just a little encouragement to check the blog every now and then :)

The Love of my Life

This morning as I sat feeding Jenica her breakfast, it dawned on me how much I truly LOVE my life. I love being a mom and I love being able to stay home with Jenica and try to give her the upbringing that God wants for His children. And then another realization....I wouldn't have this wonderful life that I love so with out my adoring husband. Rob, thank you so much for all you do for our family. Thank you for getting up early every morning and going to work so that our family can be supported. Thank you for loving me and loving Jenica with all your heart. Thank you for being such an involved father and husband, for showing such an interest in our lives and being willing to be a stay at home dad for a few evenings a week so I can still pursue my career. You are everything I ever dreamed of and more and this Valentine's Day, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I love you!

Skyping with Grammy

Jenica is such a high tech baby. She got to Skype with her Grammy this morning who lives in Idaho. For those of you who may not know what Skype is, it's a program that allows you to talk live with someone over the computer and see each other with webcams. So my mom got to read Jenica a story this morning and she seemed to enjoy it. I mainly posted the video for my mom to see how cute she looked from my side of things, but you're more than welcome to take a look too.

5 Months Old

Hard to believe that just 5 short months ago this little beauty was still living inside mom's tummy. She'll be going on her first plane ride soon. We leave for San Diego in a week and a half to visit Jenica's great-grandma Casler. If you'd like to see more photo's and read a little update from Jenica about how she's been doing, you can visit