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Tenley's Birth Story

Week 41


She's Here!

Tenley Rhiann Bachelder was born at 1:52pm on Friday June 3rd to proud parents Shay & Robert Bachelder. She weighed 8lbs 1/2 once and measured 19inches long. All are doing great!

40 Weeks

Well, my due date has come and gone. Yesterday was rough but I'm doing better today, in part because we finally got some good news about the house we've been trying to buy since January. I honestly just never thought I would have this baby LATE, especially after Jenica was born a day early, but I guess every baby is different and I will know next time (if there is a next time) not to get my hopes up and just be content with whatever Gods plan is. But all that aside, she can come anytime... really! It's not that I'm terribly uncomfortable. I definitely recommend staying in shape and active during pregnancy, now having done it both ways, this pregnancy has been much easier and more enjoyable. But, it's also that much harder to not be able to do the things that I have become so use to doing (running for example... I can maybe do a block at a time now but even that is uncomfortable and I miss it!) I also miss taking pictures. I did a shoot with Jenica in the studio th…