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Pretty Princess

Jenica has been so much fun this morning, from rolling around on the kitchen floor in her princess dress to brushing mommy's hair and playing with her crown and mirror, she is definitely all girl today! She even helped me clean a little! You'll notice in the first picture she has a wet wipe in her hand and was helping me wipe down the cabinets and the outside of the stove and dishwasher. Just thought I would write a quick update and post a couple of the cute pictures I just took. Back to my QT with my little girl.

Glamour girl!


Let it snow!

Well I've tried and tried to upload the cute video I took of Jenica playing in the snow but blogspot just won't let me do it for some reason. I did manage to get it up on facebook though so you can go take a look at it there. In the mean time, here are some cute pictures of her playing in that fun white stuff that blanketed our back yard last Tuesday. It's all gone now but was sure fun while it lasted!