Bye Bye Grammy

Jenica got to spend a couple days with her Grammy from Idaho. She got a little spoiled by all the extra attention but it's all good! Grammy taught her patty cake and now she's an expert hand clapper. She also started learning how to throw with some new toy blocks that Grammy got for her. We were blessed with nice weather for 1 of the 3 days of her visit at least and were able to take some fun walks. We shopped for new clothes and for fabric to re-cover the cushions in our travel trailer (she's going to help me with that project when we visit Idaho this summer). She also helped me sew my first item of clothing with my sewing machine that Rob got me for Christmas - the black top that Jenica is wearing. Turned out super cute I think! Oh, and the most exciting news of all....after we got back from dropping Grammy at the airport we noticed that Jenica had gotten her first tooth! What a great few days. Thanks for visiting Grammy - see you soon!


cheri said…
Jenica was a most charming hostess! I wouldn't have guessed she was teething, except for the intentness she exhibited while chomping on her new toys. Thank you for everything.
I miss you!

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