My Inquisitive Little Girl

Jenica has become quite the little explorer these days. Since she can now pull herself up on just about anything, the living room has become a whole new playground for her. And it's so cute to come in after nap time and find her standing in her crib waiting to get out. She seems happier than ever with all the sunshine and her daddy and I got her her very own swimming pool for the back yard, which she loves! She attended her first parade on Saturday night - the Starlight Parade in Portland...part of the Rose Festival festivities and really enjoyed all the marching bands. Sorry I haven't been updating this very often. I'll try to do better! As usual, your comments always motivate me that people are actually reading these :)


Cheri said…
I am reading your posts! I am running out of ways to say "Sooo cute!" though! Thank you, dear daughter, for taking the time to share your precious moments with those of us far away. Yes, nice weather seems to have everyone smiling more over here in CdA also! Enjoy!
KeriAnn said…
Hi Shay, thanks for the comment.

Your little girl is just darling.

You know, I know there is a way you can get an email update if someone comments on your blog. Mine does, I just am not sure how you do it. These computers are so high maintenance.


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