11 Months Already?

Where has the year gone? I can't believe that in just one short month we'll be celebrating my baby's first birthday. She is on the go these days! Not walking yet but pulling her self up on everything and cruising around on the furniture. Oh, and she's discovered the stairs and is enamored with them! Every time I turn my back she makes a bee line for them. Fortunately, big sister is a good monitor when I'm not watching and is always quick to tell me, "Mom, Tenley's climbing the stairs again!" 

She also has an adorable playful side - initiating games of peek-a-boo on her own with the kitchen hand towels while I'm making dinner. She loves to feed herself all kinds of finger foods and has even started weening herself off the bottle in exchange for a sippy cup. She says dada all the time but has yet to call me mama. I think it's just a fun game for her now. I say mama, she says dada and laughs! One of these days she'll call me mama and melt my heart a little more. 

She gets to start her swim survival class on Monday. The class is definitely more work than fun (for me as well as baby) but the benefits we saw in having Jenica take them made us certain that we wanted Tenley to have the experience as well. 

We are excited that summer is right around the corner and our working hard to get our back yard "party ready". BBQ's, running through the sprinklers, fires in the outdoor fire pit, smores - just a few of the things we are looking forward too. Oh, and a party of course to celebrate little Ms. T's first birthday!

Although there are plenty of moments like this at the Bachelder house these days...

Moments like this make it all worth while! 

I love my little family and am excited for what God has in store for our summer and for the future beyond. We are blessed to be a blessing! Love to you all :)


Joi said…
I love how both of your girls are so full of personality! Too adorable :)
Joi said…
I love how both of your girls are so full of personality! Too cute...

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