I love you!

Well, for me at least, I feel like baby books have become a thing of the past. I bought one for Jenica but never actually finished filling it out - and Tenley is almost 20 months old now and I have yet to even acquire one for her. But I have done a pretty good job of documenting momentous occasions here on the baby blog, so tonight definitely warranted a quick post. Tonight, my sweet little Tenley, who seemed to take forever to talk at all, has blossomed in her vocabulary during the last month, and tonight for the first time, she said "I love you" to me (in words spoken clearly enough for me to understand.) To add to the sweetest of the moment was big sister Jenica, who exclaimed, "She said I love you Mom! I taught her that!" Oh how I love these sweet little munchkins of mine!


Joi said…
That got me teary! How sweet :)

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