"Walk to 40 weeks" update

Well, I'm finally officially on maternity leave and can work on things like updating my personal blog, which I am obviously very behind on! This weekend will be time for our 32 week pictures already, but here are the last two we have done. At the end of the pregnancy we will post all of them together so you can see the progression. Overall, this pregnancy has been rough - but I think that's just God's way of confirming that this will be the last child we add to our family by "traditional" methods. We are getting excited to meet this growing little bundle and find out if the girls are getting a little brother or little sister! Stay tuned for the next post and your chance to make your guess as to what we're having!


Joi said…
YAY Maternity leave! Enjoy this time of preparation, anticipation and feeling rather large n' charge ;) So excited for you guys!

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