The final weeks of our "walk"...

My dad arrived around week 38, and we were all hoping that baby would make an early arrival. But the days passed and nothing happened. Around week 39 we had a huge snow storm and our prayers changed to not going into labor early, since they were advising everyone to stay off the roads. Frankly, I wasn't worried that we wouldn't be able to make it to the hospital, I was more worried that maybe the epidural guy wouldn't be able to get there in time (or at all.) But not to worry, those prayers were answered and baby still did not come. Here is my Week 39 picture:

It wasn't a week that I was planning to take a photo, but I wanted to document the snow. Even though the kids had a great time playing in it every chance they got, I just didn't feel up to posing for a picture in it. So what you get is an empty photo of our neighbors house while I tried to relax inside. The last weeks were really rough. I was miserable, uncomfortable, and so ready to meet this baby!

My 35th birthday was 4 days before my due date, the snow storm was gone, and I had always said that I wanted to be done having babies by the time I turned 35. So as you can imagine, when my birthday came I was not as excited as most years. The next day was Valentines Day, and that day also came and went with out signs of impending labor. However, very early the next morning I decided it was time to go to the hospital. And sure enough, February 15th became our son's birthday! Kenton Robert was born at 2:29pm that afternoon after my hardest labor yet! But I guess the fact that he was 9lbs 12oz would explain that, as well as the amount of discomfort I was experiencing at the end. We spent two nights in the hospital, and checked out on Monday February 17th, my due date, and the date I had been scheduled to be induced on. God is so good! He knew I didn't want to be induced and instead things happened on their own! So without further adieu, I am so excited to announce our final picture in our "Walk to 40 Weeks."


Joi said…
Nice! Bringing baby home. So cute :)

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