Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday night Jenica graduated from Kindergarten and I couldn't be more proud of her! Her school year began on her 5th birthday so she was the youngest in her class. I went back and forth about whether to send her or have her do one more year of pre-school, but ultimately I felt like she was ready. The first couple of weeks were challenging (more on an emotional level than academically) but then she settled in to the routine and seemed to do fine the rest of the year. The last two quarters she received perfect attendance, and at her graduation ceremony she received an award for great penmanship. She has also become quite the little reader these days!

Other highlights of the year included welcoming her baby brother to the family and of course, bringing him for show and tell, along with her first pet - Lilly the hamster - who also got to come to class for show and tell. We were so blessed by her amazing teacher, Mrs. Reafsnyder and all the wonderful staff at Country Christian. It was so fun to see the kids recite their bible memory verses and their flag pledges at their graduation ceremony and it brings this mama great joy to know she is being trained up in the house of the Lord.

Also want to give a big thanks to this special lady in our lives. It meant the world to have you at Jenica's graduation and we are so thankful to have you in our lives! You make my role as a mommy a thousand times easier and I appreciate everything you seed into our children's lives. 


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