The toothfairy has made her first appearance at our house!

The toothfairy is a girl, right? Because when I think fairy, I automatically think girl. But Rob called the fairy a "he" so now I'm not so sure...

Last Thursday was a big day! Just two weeks after her 6th birthday, I picked Jenica up from school to find out she had lost her first tooth! How cool to loose your first tooth during the first few weeks of first grade! I have a feeling it is going to be a year of firsts for our little family of five.

She was very excited to show off her tooth and I was happy that she waited until the day AFTER school pictures to pull it out! Not that the bottom one would have showed that much...

Unless she did a cheesy grin like this! 

The toothfairy brought her a $2.00 bill and a brand new tube of toothpaste (or a glob of toothpaste as she described it to us the next morning - but I promise, it was actually an unopened tube - a glob of toothpaste squirted under the pillow at night sounds messy!)

I was so hoping that Kenton would get his first tooth on the same day that Jenica lost her first tooth, but alas, no such luck. He has definitely been teething though, and has had some very cranky days because of it, so we are looking forward to the appearance of those baby teeth sometime soon!


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