God's got this...

I love how God's been taking the time to show me lately that he's real and he's totally in control. This is something that we know as Christians, and by faith we believe in, even when we can't see things manifesting in our lives - but it's so nice when God takes the time to encourage us and show us in very real ways how he takes care of us on a daily basis.

This morning, I had to get gas and make bank deposits at Safeway. An errand that I thought would take a few minutes turned into almost a half an hour ordeal when Tenley had to go to the potty not once but TWICE in the middle of making the deposits. The second time was a little irritating, especially since holding an eight month old and helping a 3 year old on and off the potty in a public restroom is challenging to say the least. But as we pulled out of Safeway and headed for home, we were slowed in traffic due to an accident that had happened just minutes before. And I heard God's gentle voice telling me that he had protected us. And right then and there I thanked Him and praised Him that even in the small, sometimes irritating things of life, He is looking out for me and my family.

Most of the time, when the Lord gives us small promptings, we never know the effect of obeying those cues. But this mornings reminder was just one of a few very tangible things that the Lord has done lately to encourage me and help to build my faith in Him.

It's not always comfortable or easy to do what the Lord is asking of you. Sometimes it feels awkward or out of place. But the Holy Spirit is so much greater than we are, and I am so thankful for the ways he's shown this to me lately.

You just never know when that text message you send might just end up being someone else's miracle that they've been praying for.

So be encouraged today... "God's got this!"


Jenica's Dad said…
great message honey. Thanks for sharing:)
Angie said…
Great message Shay!!! Thanks for the reminder:)
Kelly H. said…
Awesome! You are exactly right! Great testimony my friend!
Jodi said…
I LOVED this! Thanks for sharing, very encouraging and oh so true.

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