First Day of School

The kids started school today at Boones Ferry Primary in Wilsonville. Tenley is in full day kindergarten and Jenica is in 3rd grade. They each have about 24 kids in their class and there are 4 classes of each grade! Quite a change from Country Christian! I brought them to school this morning and walked them to their classrooms and then they were all scheduled to take the school bus home. Kenton and I went out to meet the bus at the scheduled time after school. It was about 20 minutes late getting there, which I kind of figured since it was the first day of school. The bus stopped at our stop and Jenica got off, along with a few other kids who's parents were waiting, but still no Tenley. I started to panic. I asked Jenica if she had seen her on the bus and she said no. The bus driver started calling for her over the loud speaker. Still nothing. She asked me who her teacher was and of course I couldn't remember since it was her very first day! Shoot, more panic. Where is my little 5 year old, she is probably so scared! Then someone starts saying that there's a little girl asleep in their seat towards the back of the bus. Sure enough, it's Tenley! She was so tuckered out after her first day of Kindergarten that she fell asleep on the bus and almost missed getting off at her stop. I'm so relieved that she's okay and now we have this fun memory to laugh about when we look back on this.

On a completely unrelated note, I bawled my eyes out when I left Jenica at Kindergarten on the 1st day, but I was pregnant with Kenton so I totally blamed the pregnancy hormones. But ya know what? It happened again today with my middle child.

Kenton and I ended up having a great day together, and the girls had a great first day at school - but this morning was hard for this mama's heart. They are growing up too fast! Here are their first day of school pictures :)


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