Things we do instead of "screen time" these days - Part 1

The street lights in front of our house are so bright that we can play outside at any time... which is nice since it's been so hot on some days that we don't even want to come outside until after the sun goes down (5:30ish). Tonight Rob played basketball with the girls for hours. They had a blast and may have even scored on Daddy a couple of times. 

Kenton was happy to just ride around in his diaper and bare feet on the pretty pink bike that a neighbor let us borrow.

Oh, and our neighbors put up their Christmas decorations. It looks amazing at night, but during the day when Santa hangs precariously over the side of the roof in all his deflated glory, it's a tad disturbing, I'm not gonna lie. 

All jokes aside though, we love our neighborhood. And we love getting in the holiday spirit. So thank you to all our kind neighbors who have decorated so that we don't have to. 

(The Christmas decorations were a definite "NO" when deciding what to pack for this trip... right honey?)


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