The good, the bad, and the beautiful...

We've been stateside for 3 weeks now (well, kind of... there was that spur of the moment weekend trip to Canada that you can read about here), but it was only 24 days ago that we were leaving our home in Mexico with high hopes of a fun summer in the woods of North Idaho.

And we have had lots of fun here! I don't want that to go unmentioned.

So let's start with "The Good"

Rope Swing
The pond and the goldfish
Building Rafts
Playing with trucks in the dirt piles
4 Wheeler Rides
Survivor Games (check out our youtube video here)
Feeding the chickens
Climbing the hill
Time with Grandpa
Relaxing in the hammock
Nature walks
Throwing rocks in the creek
Smores and campfires
Legos in the loft

We have had a great little visit here in Idaho. I was able to decorate the guest house a little more, hang some curtains, and clean up a little around the outside.

But sometimes things just don't turn out as you envision them.

Enter "The Bad"

Mice... lots of them. We've caught and/or killed at least a dozen by now but they just keep coming out of the woodwork... literally!

It's very remote! No cell phone service and a 30 minute drive to get groceries. Thankfully we do have internet, but it isn't fast enough to do a lot of the work that I need to be doing online.

No washer and dryer. 3 kids in the woods make a lot of dirty clothes. The laundry mat is expensive not to mention boring.

No Daddy... When we started fixing up this place it was supposed to be for all 5 of us. With Rob working in Oregon for the summer, I'm left with lots of "country living" issues that I just didn't plan to have to handle on my own.

In addition, I'm trying to sell my townhouse in Oregon City and it's been a constant battle to get people over there to do the repair work that is needed. Especially when they can't reach me by phone here in Idaho.

And my kids miss their friends.

Wait, who am I kidding? I miss my friends too. As much as I loved escaping the rainy Oregon winter, there is something about being home that calms my spirit and let's me see clearly that God is in control and everything is going to be okay.

So here comes the "beautiful"...

We don't have a lot of stuff to pack around with us anymore.
We know how to live with less.
I am blessed to have a career that allows me to work remotely much of the time.
The kids are use to traveling now and are actually pretty good at it.

We have opportunities that some only dream of having. And although it's a little scary sometimes, and I second guess my decisions, I believe that the experiences we are giving our kids by traveling will outweigh any negative effects that a year or two of "instability" might bring.

So off to Oregon we go on our next adventure. See ya'll soon!

(I tried to upload pictures here, but as I mentioned earlier... slow internet! So head on over to my Instagram if you want to see pictures from our adventures in Idaho, and follow my business page, Be Photography Oregon, to stay up to date on our travels.)


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