The perfect job👌🏼

So back in May, I registered Kenton for pre-school at a 100% Spanish Immersion school in Milwaukie. I knew I wanted him to go to pre-school since he had already been attending school full-time while we were in Mexico, and I definitely wanted him to continue his Spanish. The only thing I didn’t know at the time was how I was going to pay for it. As any of you working parents know, child care is not cheap and add in the fact that it’s a language immersion school, I was looking at a price tag of $900-$1100 per month. Ouch! 💵 

It was a hard commitment to make, given I had no income at the time! But I knew God was going to provide. I didn’t know how exactly, and that was challenging for me, so the summer was definitly a test of my faith. 

I felt like I should be looking for a job, but I also didn’t want to begin the search too early and then get offered a position that I would have to start during the summer, before the kids went back to school. (I secretly wanted to have one last summer vacation with them as a stay at home mom before I committed to the career world again.) 💁🏻‍♀️

I applied for a couple of government jobs that didn’t officially start until fall, and sent my resume in for a few positions I came across on Craigslist, but none were the perfect fit.

I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to work close to Kenton’s school so I could spend more time working and less time commuting. I wanted to work full time during tax season and part time the rest of the year (ideally at the same office so there wouldn’t be awkward transitions or difficult learning curves). I wanted to earn what I was making 3 years ago when I last worked for an accounting firm, and I wanted to have enough hours throughout the year on a consistent basis to cover Kenton’s school tuition.

Today I was offered the exact job I just described.

Here is the offer, copied and pasted from my  email:
 “40 hours a week, Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm with a half hour lunch during the tax season (middle of Jan through Middle of April)
10-15 hours a week, broken into Tues-Thur or a Tues/Wed or a Wed/Thurs.  I'm flexible.  This way it gives you a minimum of a 4 day weekend each week.”

A four day weekend each week?! Yes please! I hadn’t even thought of that schedule but I love it! 🙌🏼

The pay is exactly what I wanted. And the office is 4 minutes from Kenton’s school! 4 minutes! I am seriously on cloud nine ⛅️ and so in awe of how well God can handle the little things when we just step back and let him!

I’m so glad that I trusted Him... that I didn’t spend the summer stressing out about money or frantically looking for a job. Instead I rested in His peace and trusted that He was going to take care of me.

The office that offered me the job wasn’t actually advertising for a position. In fact, as I sat in the owners office interviewing, he sounded like he didn’t even know he wanted an employee that could work the hours I was requesting, but after thinking it through, he came to the conclusion that it would in fact be an excellent fit for his practice. 

So you are probably wondering how I landed an interview here if they weren’t even hiring...

Well, a couple weeks ago, I had an interview at another tax office about 15 minutes from Kenton’s school that I had applied to through Indeed. The position listed was seasonal, and on the phone I told the owner I was looking for year round employment, even if it was very part-time during the off season. 

Even knowing that information, he still invited me in for an interview, but during our time together it became obvious that he really didn’t have any work in the off season. I was disappointed that he had wasted my time and gas (in addition to hiring a babysitter) to drive all the way over there, but tried my best to keep a positive attitude. 

During the course of our conversation, he happened to mention an accounting firm that was in Milwaukie near Kenton’s school, and I happened to have an extra copy of my resume with me, so on the way home, I stopped by there and left my resume with the receptionist.

I followed up by email with the owner and had an interview scheduled within 10 minutes of hitting send. 

And now, 12 days later and on Kenton’s 2nd day at pre-school, I got the offer for the job of my dreams. 

(I mean… not TOTALLY the job of my dreams... I still hope to travel around the world someday as a well sought after portrait or wedding photographer – but until then, while the kids are still in school and busy with sports and all the commitments that being a mom of 3 entails, this is perfect!)

And, since it will only be  2-3 days a week in the off season, it still leaves me with plenty of time to book a few photo shoots every month and keep my creative juices flowing. 

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, stood by me, prayed for me, and loved me this past summer. The transition back to stateside life, the divorce, and numerous other things have made this one of the most challenging seasons of my life, but I’m excited for this new season that’s coming! 

Blessings to all of you who took the time to read this and I hope it encourages you to put your faith in something greater than yourself. Enjoy the moments God has given you here on this earth. Don’t let worry or anxiety about the future, or regret from the past, steal the joy that is waiting for you right here in the present 😊


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