Babble Babble

Just last night, Jenica finally discovered consonants. As most of you know, her favorite (and only) noise for the longest time has been "aaaaahhhh". She does different variations of it and even started experimenting with different pitches over the last week or so, but last night she discovered "da" and "ba" and "ga" and maybe a few others. She was actually saying "dada" pretty clearly, although I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what that means yet. She's also crawling all over the place now, which is fun to see but definitely makes more work for mommy. I was trying to get some work done on the computer this morning, and usually she just plays nicely on her blanket. Not this morning though. She crawled into the kitchen and started chewing on my running shoes, then she found the magazine rack and pulled out all the magazines. Finally I walked over to my office and got her Johnny Jump-up so she could play in that for a while without me worrying about what she might be getting into next. Now she's peacefully napping in her room, so I thought I'd take a quick minute to give you an update - and an adorable picture of course! This was taken yesterday while she climbed all over "dada."


Joi said…
so exciting. she'll be a totally different baby compared to when I saw her last year. can't wait!!

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