Day Care

Jenica is going to daycare for the first time this afternoon. I think I'm having a much harder time with it than she will. The lady that will be watching her one day a week also watches my friend Brandi's son, so Jenica will get to play with Judah while she's there. There are also a few other kids that come on Thursday afternoons so I'm sure she will have lots of fun. I know I can't have the best of both worlds (stay at home mom and career woman), it's just hard to have to leave my baby girl with someone who doesn't love her like I do. It's times like these when I wish I didn't live so far away from my family, so Jenica could just spend an afternoon with her Grammy or her cousin Kayla instead of having to go to a strangers house. Rob and I have weighed the pro's and con's and feel like a little time with other kids will actually be good for Jenica right now and will allow me to focus on work with out worrying about what Jenica could be getting into at my un-childproofed offices. Any encouraging words???


Joi said…
Can't say that I understand completely but I can imagine that it would be hard. You and Rob are right though...It will be good for you and Jena :)
Joi said…
oh, I forgot to say that I love her total concentration in this picture. Where was it taken? I'm sure she will be walking very soon!
Shay said…
The picture was taken at the Abernathy Park in Oregon City, a popular wedding location...probably my first choice if it wasn't so expensive. Thanks for the comments :)
Anonymous said…
I sure wish she was close enough to come play with me every week! She is sooo adorable! I love this picture! Yes, I understand. I could not leave you at that age, but I am sure she will do just fine. hugs

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