Play Time

There's nothing sweeter than waking up to a happy baby in the morning! Rob & I actually get up about an hour before Jenica in the morning and I look forward to hearing her cheerful noises coming from her room signaling it's time for her to start the day. Our morning routine usually starts with a diaper change, of course, since after 12 hours in bed it is usually approaching it's maximum capacity. Then we make her morning bottle and while she lays contently drinking it, that's my window of opportunity to do something fancy with her hair. I'm not sure what I'll do after she's done with bottles as that is about the only time I can get her to lay still long enough and be patient enough with me to let me practice my braiding skills. After the bottle, we usually have play time for a bit before heading to the kitchen for some "big people food". She was especially adorable this morning so I took some pictures to share. As I write this she is happily squealing and babbling away while she plays with the balloon that the nice lady at Thriftway gave her last time we were there.


Daddy said…
Good job with the picture taking mom:)

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