We got back Sunday from a wonderfully relaxing vacation in North Idaho visiting my parents. Our first stop was my mom and her husband John's house in Coeur d' Alene.
We spent the weekend there and enjoyed some wonderful times on the lake... bbq lunch at Arrow Point, tubing and just soaking in the sunshine!

Then it was off to Lake Pend Oreille for a few days of camping and visiting with my dad on his houseboat. While we were there, my mom worked on making new cushion covers for Harvey - our 1970 something travel trailer - and when we returned to Coeur d' Alene on Friday they were nearly complete. They are such an improvement for Harvey and we are so excited to go camping with him again next weekend and enjoy his "new look!"

Jenica seems to like being on the water and took great naps on both my parents boats - even one while we were speeding across the lake.

She took her first step on my dad's houseboat and Rob and I enjoyed being on the lake and exploring deserted beaches.

It was hard to say good bye but like all vacations, it had to end eventually, so Saturday afternoon we packed up our gear and set out on our trek back to Oregon. We arrived home at about 2:00am on Sunday and were happy to have the day to unpack and settle in before heading back to work on Monday.

I'm having a hard time uploading pictures right now but you can check out the whole lot of them at

P.S. Mom - Thank you soooo much for all the hours of work you spent making our new cushions and most of all for being such an amazing Grammy to our little girl! It was so refreshing for Rob and I to be able to leave her with you and have some time to ourselves, knowing that she was in good hands with someone who loves her and enjoys her company as much as we do! Maybe...just maybe... we'll find our way back there to live one of these days ;)


cheri said…
That would be a dream come true! I miss so much of the joys of watching Jenica grow and learn. And I miss you too - darling daughter!

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