Our latest camping adventure

This last weekend we camped at Crescent Lake, which is about an hour east of Eugene. I can't believe I lived in Eugene for 2 1/2 years and had never been there - but alas I was a poor college student working part time and going to school so I didn't have time for much in the way of "recreation."We went with my friend (and co-worker) Shelly and her husband and their two dogs... so in total we had 4 adults, 3 dogs, and 1.5 babies (Shelly and Dusty have a baby girl due in December).Jenica had loads of fun playing with the dogs and getting nice and dirty! I'm sure this is the dirties she has ever been, but it didn't seem to bother her so that's good. There were no showers so we just dunked her in the lake every day to clean her up a bit. She still isn't sleeping all that great in Harvey but we're hoping that in time she'll get use to it so we can have a restful nights sleep on one of these camping expeditions. But, I suppose the beauty of camping is that afternoon naps are allowed, so that helps ward of the grogginess from getting up once or twice in the night with a crying baby.All in all, we had great company, great food, and lots of fun! Now we have one weekend of rest before heading out for probably our final camping trip of the summer - Labor Day Weekend at Detroit Lake!


Joi said…
OMG!! Man was she dirty. Good for her ;)Funny how new adventures happen when there is money to spend on them.
Daddy said…
Yep, the dust over there was bad. And Jenica loved it:P

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