Blue Ribbon

I'm a little behind on my blog updates but for those of you who aren't on facebook or don't check it often, I wanted to share Jenica's blue ribbon accomplishment from swim survival class. Getting her blue ribbon means she can turn over and float on her back for 10 seconds all by herself. She met this milestone on Thursday October 29th after only 5 lessons! Since then, she has continued to make amazing progress and her confidence in the water has grown by leaps and bounds! Her initial set of lessons was due to end today but I've decided to keep her in class until the pool closes for the Holidays so she'll have a few more weeks to work on mastering the skills she would need to survive if she were to fall in a pool or lake. The next milestone we are shooting for is to go in fully clothed, turn over and float for a full 5 minutes. Thanks so much to those of you who helped make these lessons happen for her!


cheri said…
Yeah Jenica!!!

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