This is Jenica 3 years ago, at only 9 months old! Yes, she had enough hair to french braid before she was even 1!

At that age, I would braid her hair while she laid on the floor drinking her morning bottle. When she outgrew the bottle, she also outgrew the ability to stay still while I did fun hairstyles like this. Then, for the next couple of years, she just hated having anything done with her hair. But, she's finally getting old enough now that she thinks it's fun to let mommy try new hair styles on her - and thanks to Pinterest, I have lots of ideas! Here is what we did this morning:

Do you have an idea you think I should try on her hair? Send me a link! I'm loving trying new things and maybe if I get good at doing her hair, I can try some on my own hair too!


Joi said…
Very Cute! Here's a rather hard one that would look cute on her (gotta give you a challenge ;)
Cara said…
look up a five strand braid. Easy, fast, and it looks like weaving when you are done.

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