Happy Birthday Tenley

We celebrated Tenley's first birthday last weekend with cake, lots and lots of cake... and she loved every bit of it!

Friday was family picture day. My amazing friend Kim came up from Salem to take some fun family pictures of us at our house.

During the session, Tenley got a hold of a handful of her birthday cake that Jessica had dropped off that morning. Fortunately, it was out of the back of the cake so it still photographed nicely for her cake smash session on Saturday.

Then Sunday was party day! By now, she was a seasoned cake eater and knew just what to do to please the crowd!

To go along with the birthday cake, my friend Kelly and I made some oh so delicious cake pops. It was my first time making them, and I couldn't have done it without her help, but they turned out delicious and were really fun to make. Jenica even got to come help out!

Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate our baby's first and make it a special day for our special girl!

Unfortunately, for her birthday she also got a cold and a double ear infection, along with a giant bruise from a fall in church nursery, so this week is being spent at home in recovery mode. Prayers accepted :)


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