Future Best Friends

In case you missed it on facebook....

This is the difference between a 6 month old, and a 6 day old. Meet Lincoln, future best friend and classmate of Kenton's:

His mom is just the best! She made a boy just so Kenton would have a buddy, since growing up with two older sisters can be rough!

And this picture of us was taken before either of us knew what we were having!

The only sad part of the whole deal is that they no longer live right around the corner from us. However, we are thrilled for them to have an amazing new house and HUGE backyard to call their own! A perfect place to raise 3 boys! We took this picture on Wednesday night in the corn field right next to their property and I am in love with how it turned out!


Kelly H. said…
I love knowing our kids will grow up together!!! Making best friends for my best friends is my specialty I suppose ��. And even though it was short-lived, I loved getting to be pregnant with you knowing we'd have kids in the same class again!!! I certainly miss being your neighbor, but you can come hang out at my farm anytime - here's to many, MANY play dates ahead! (For moms and kids too).

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