Kenton is 10 Months Old! (And Mommy's new camera!)

This handsome, smiley boy is 10 months old today! He got his first tooth about 3 weeks ago, and his second one almost 2 weeks later. He's been "army crawling" for a while now, and although he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks on occasion, he's perfectly happy scooting himself around on his tummy (and pretty fast I might add!)

His sisters still love him to pieces, and Jenica especially likes to "hold" him still even though he's more than half her size already!

These pictures were taken with my new camera that arrived today, a Nikon D600, an upgrade from the D7000 I've been using for the last year. Although I've only taken a total of 25 photos with it, I am already in love. I was shooting at ISO 6400 for these shots, and they are still crisp and clear with hardly a hint of grain. Eventually I will upgrade to two D600 bodies and sell the D7000 (so for anyone else looking for a new/used camera, check back around this time next year). For now, that camera will be my backup camera, and second shooter camera for weddings until I can upgrade all my lenses to work with the D600 body.


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