My little baller!

Jenica finished her second season of basketball today. Her coach had some great things to say about her and the rest of her teammates and it was so fun watching them improve tremendously over last season. Here are some awesome pictures that her daddy was able to capture during her last game.

She loves to get the rebound, and is pretty good at it considering she's one of the youngest - and therefore shortest - on the team. It does result in forgetting to guard her person though on occasion, but I suppose it's worth it when she get's the ball and is able to make a break for the other side of the court.

She shoots! Sometimes she makes it, sometimes she doesn't. Huge improvement over last year though when she still shot underhand just to make it up high enough to reach the basket.


Group shot with her team and awesome coach, Levi! Thanks for a fun season!

If you'd like to see the rest of the basketball pictures we took of the team this season, you can visit our photography website at and download any that you would like for free.


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