Knock offs

Usually I'm not the type of girl who likes knock offs. I prefer quality over quantity and would rather save up and spend more on name brand items than risk getting a sub-par product. I own a coach purse, I buy Buckle jeans, and my iPhone charging cords are Apple certified. 

However, spending hundreds of dollars on name brand perfume just isn't in my budget - at least not right now. Which is why this little perfume store was on my list of places I needed to visit on this quick trip back to Mazatlan.

It is located in centro (the downtown area) and the prices are... affordable. You select your perfume from a list provided to you at the counter. They are all in generic containers on the shelf and you can smell any of them that you like. 

My favorite right now is Coco Mademoiselle. Here is what it looks like and costs in the US.

At the perfume store in Mazatlan, you select your size and concentration, and they fill a container for you right there. 

Although I'm fairly certain the concoctions themselves are fake, I wonder how much of the cost savings has to do with forgoing the elaborate bottles that most designer fragrances are sold in.

Here is the price list in pesos for any of the fragrances they have in stock:

The 120ml size is similar to the 3.4 oz size shown above, and at the current exchange rate of 17.9, the USD equivalent is around $14.80 (I buy the concentrado...)

I actually like the smell a little better than the original version and have been very happy with how long the scent lasts after application.

So there you have it... another reason why I love Mazatlán and another area where the cost of living is a fraction of what it is in the States.


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