Mazatlán Airbnb

I absolutely love the Airbnb studio apartment I rented for my recent trip to Mazatlan. It was in a quiet neighborhood just a few blocks from the Golden Zone, walking distance from restaurants, the beach, and public transpiration (although I still used Uber most days to get around if it was too far to walk.) 

The apartment is hosted by a lovely woman that only speaks Spanish, but her daughter manages the online bookings and speaks English very well. It is gated and secure, and fully equipped with towels, fridge, coffee pot and small kitchenette. If you prefer, you can even have it cleaned for an additional 100 pesos per day (about $5.50 US). 

It has a cute outdoor patio space, although in the 90 degree humid heat of August, I spent most of my time in the air conditioning. 

The best part is that it cost a fraction of what the hotels in the area charge. Here is a link to the listing:

I imaging the price fluctuates a little but I paid $32 US per night for my stay. If you have never used Airbnb for your travel needs, I highly recommend it. Here is a link that will get you $40 off your first stay. Maybe a visit to Mazatlan to visit us this winter?


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