33 Weeks

The end is here! (Of tax season that is, not the pregnancy - thankfully - since that would be a tad early for my liking, as well as my doctors, I'm sure!) Time to readjust the schedule to being a stay at home mom and pack up all those cute (but sometimes uncomfortable) maternity work clothes and trade them on on some fun spring outfits. I'm sure the next 7 weeks are going to fly by as the weather gets nicer and my nesting instincts kick into high gear! I'm definitely looking forward to more family time though, and getting back in the habit of cooking dinner, and of course "doing laundry" with my adorable 2 year old! (If you missed last weeks facebook post, the thing that Jenica is most excited about with me being home with her again is doing laundry with me!)

Happy Spring Everyone! I hope where ever you are, you got to enjoy some great weather this weekend! And as usual, thanks to my wonderful husband for narrating this weeks collage!


Joi said…
You're one HOT very pregnant lady! (love the shoes :) It's so great to hear how excited you all are for BB#2 and she must feel it too since she's so active.
Jana said…
Wow, you are gettin so close! So happy for you that tax season is over now and you can be a stay at home mommy again! I agree with Joi, you are a hot momma!

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