Week 31

You can listen along with Jenica to a recording Rob took of the baby's heartbeat.

Funny story about heart beats, ever since Jenica got to come to the doctor with us and hear baby sisters heart beat, she now calls all heart SHAPES, heart beats. It's pretty cute, actually. She'll ask to wear her heart beat pajamas and around Valentine's Day she always wanted "heartbeats", the sweethearts heart shaped candies.

On a totally unrelated note, I really wished that this post could have read something like... "Mom is 31, Jenica is 31 months and baby is 31 weeks, but alas, that would have been incorrect since I am now the ripe ol' age of 32! And so far being an "older" mom has not been treating me well in the pregnancy department as I'm sure you'll read all about in next weeks post, which should actually be appearing here sometime this weekend since this one is over a week late!

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Joi said…
The cute meter is going off the charts!! It must be so cool for Jenica to hear her baby sisters heart beats :)
Jodi said…
Very cute pic of you three! Your baby bump is still looking so small to me... and very cute of course :) Sorry you haven't been lovin' some of the pregnancy results to your body - I definitely know that feeling!

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