My first born...

Oh how I love this girl of mine! She's growing up so fast and is going to make the best big sister, I can just feel it! She is certainly wearing out this pregnant mama though! I keep joking that being at home with her this last week and a half has been MUCH harder work that going to the office every day was. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm really trying to enjoy and cherish these last moments I will ever have with her as my only child. It's so fun to see her personality growing and developing. She can be so sweet and thoughtful at times, and other times so silly that I can't help but giggle with her. My absolute favorite thing that she does right now is to spontaneously tell me that she loves me. Then when I tell her I love her back, it turns into a little game where we each say "I love you" to each other a few times before she says in the cutest little 2 year old voice you've ever heard, "We love each other!" Although it comes out sounding kind of like she loves cheddar, but I know what she means and it just melts my heart!

She loves helping me with laundry, pretending to cook in the "homemade" kitchen Daddy made for her, and of course taking care of her baby dolls. She is also a total neat freak (she may or may not get that from her mother) and hates to be dirty in the slightest (unless of course we are playing in mud puddles or some other activity that calls for being dirty... then she's all over it.)

She's still a great little model, and helps me out every time I need to test the studio lighting before a shoot. Here's one of her best "cheesiest" smiles:

Anyway, just wanted to take a minute to write a little bit about this sweet little girl of mine, before she has to share the spotlight with baby girl #2.


Joi said…
Awwww... :) You and Rob are very blessed parents!

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