Mexican Cooking Class

Last Sunday, Jenica and I took a fun cooking class from Kahlo's Kitchen here in Mazatlan. 

I heard about the class through a facebook group, and I liked that Sofia (the teacher) described herself as a "young entrepreneur". Maybe because I also consider myself an entrepreneur, I wanted to attend her class and meet her. I asked her to write a little about how she came to start the business.

Kahlo’s Kitchen started six months ago when I decided to invest all my savings to rent a house with a big kitchen (due to my house not having a suitable kitchen). I had this idea to show other people about Mexican culture through food. Even though some people told me not to do it because I am not a chef, I decided to pursue my dream anyway. With my mom and our friend Linda supporting me, I did my first cooking workshop and 5 beautiful ladies enrolled in my cooking class and they loved it! Susan, one of the ladies who took the first cooking class offered to let me use her kitchen to keep doing classes with a nicer location and bigger space. This is a beautiful journey where I’ve learned that when you do what you love and follow your dreams, destiny will provide what you need to keep going. I still have much to learn and improve as an entrepreneur but I keep doing this with the help of awesome friends and customers.

Sofia's Team

Fernanda Castro with Casa Azul (the fisrt holistc school), Sofía Vargas -Yoga Instructor at Sofia Vargas Yoga and Kahlo's Kitchen, Gustavo Gama, a Chef with Gustavo's Kitchen and James Skeen, a Yoga Kundalini Instructor.

Thank you so much Sofia for taking the time to write this for me! I admire your willingness to pursue what you love and I think what you are doing is a wonderful way to share Mexican culture with people here in Mazatlan.

Jenica and I learned how to make a couple fun and unique drinks, fresh guacamole, tortilla soup, grilled fish, and a delicious chocoflan for dessert. I wish I would have taken more pictures but what I got will have to do. Maybe we will be able to take another class from her while we are here. Instead of posting the recipes here for you to try yourself, we are just inviting you down to visit and we'll prepare them for you. Or, if you can't make it here, I'm sure we can practice our Mexican cooking when we get back.

We got to take home these adorable little gift baskets when we were finished, full of fun Mexican treats (el dulce). 

If you ever have the chance to visit Mazatlan, I hope you have the opportunity to take a class from Kahlo's Kitchen!


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