Meet "Hermi" the Hermit Crab

Hi Everyone! This is Jenica. I want you to meet my new pet. His name is Hermi and he is a hermit crab. I found him on the beach in a shell that I thought was empty. It was a fun surprise to find him inside. I took him over to my mom and she said I could take him home as a pet. He got to have his first pulmonia ride because that's how we usually get home from the beach.

At first he was a little shy...

But then he got braver and started to explore his new "crabitat."

He's really cute. He likes to eat coconut but we also feed him other fruits. We went to the pet store and bought a thermometer and a hygrometer so we can make sure he has the proper temperature and humidity. Hermit crabs like their environment to be very humid. We also put a sponge in one of his water bowls to help keep him moist.

I really like to hold him. Sometimes his claws tickle my hands. He's a good climber and yesterday Kenton found him on the rim of the tank. That night we put coconut oil on the inside of the tank so he wouldn't be able to climb out. 

Kenton calls him "Permi" even though we try to get him to say "Hermi." So far, he has been a great pet and very fun. 


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